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The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
Albert Einstein

Edtech (educational technology) resembles the early days of the internet. It's the wild wild west where anything is possible.

Currently there are no patterns of practice because not all of the equity partners are on the same page. Issues include:

  • development focus on K-12 (scanned texts are used in higher ed, often costing the same as the printed ones)
  • primary concerns over quantifiable assessments¬† and backend administrative needs
  • the search for business structures that support instructional designers and developers
  • the need for alterations in pedagogy and learning strategies
  • problems with promotion and distribution in addition to the very few remaining traditional educational publishers
  • assuring ROI for equity partners ¬†¬†
The transitioning aspect of the edtech idustry invites innovation like Training of Thought..
  The edtech industry may be currently whackadoodle, but it is the future.Edtech Industry
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EDUCATORS, including administrators, are asked to find edtech that works. Edtech tools are available to them but educators are required to provide their own content even though they may lack the time and expertise.
DEVELOPERS of edtech are focused on solving backend issues for administrators or they work in a vacuum creating what they assume will be helpful for learners and educators.
EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS are in flux because edtech is forcing them to change their business model. They are trying to create their own edtech but don't always have the budget for successful development. At the same time, they are the main distributors of educational materials.
INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERS understand the needs of the other equity partners but struggle to find traction for their innovations in this newly emerging industry.

Parents are also equity partners in that they often foot the bill for expensive textbooks, although they have little or no say on content.

Training of Thought will partner with commercial media who share its target market so that learners and educators can use the learning modules at reduced cost.
  The equity partners don't always communicate well with each other or with learners.Equity Partners
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Throughout the United States, there is no consistency or continuity of procurement for educational materials. California and Texas are the only states who manage K-12 procurement at the state level. Otherwise, procurement is done district by district, school by school or even educator by educator. Procurement for higher education is equally inconsistent. For this reason, the promotion and distribution of edtech is challenging.

Not all educational facilities or learners have easy access to technology. Fortunately, this is rapidly changing as a way of leveling the playing field for future workers.

The few large educational publishers are in the best position to meet the challenges of promoting edtech tools because they are the first resource educators turn to for educational materials. However, they are currently focusing on proprietary materials.

With a business plan that includes reality show television, Training of Thought hopes to overcome some of the challenges of procument and promotion with the support of educational publishers, creating a win-win situation for all equity partners (including parents).

  Reduction in the costs of educational materials is not only mandatory for the future of education, it's workable.Procurement
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